Biotechnology and Food Science

Volume 81 Number 2

ISSN 2299-6818 online version

  • Effect of thermal processing on antioxidant power and thiosulfinate content in Brussels sprouts juices
    Pages: 83-92

    Mirosława Kot, Zofia Olech

  • Zinc and nano-ZnO – influence on living organisms
    Pages: 93-102

    Lidia Mielcarz-Skalska, Beata Smolińska

  • In vitro anti-adherence effect of probiotic Lactobacillus strains on human enteropathogens
    Pages: 103-112

    Adriana Nowak, Ilona Motyl

  • Elimination of ochratoxin A by lactic acid bacteria strains isolated from chickens and their probiotic characteristics
    Pages: 113-124

    Marta Kupryś-Caruk, Ilona Stefańska, Beata Chabłowska

  • A comparison of two enzymatic methods of clinical dextran production
    Pages: 125-136

    Barbara Sikora, Celina Kubik, Stanisław Bielecki

  • Production of co-immobilized dextransucrase and dextranase preparations and their application in isomalto-oligosaccharides synthesis
    Pages: 137-147

    Barbara Sikora, Celina Kubik, Stanisław Bielecki

  • Antimicrobial effect of lining leather fatliquored with the addition of essential oils
    Pages: 149-157

    Elżbieta Bielak, Justyna Syguła-Cholewińska

  • Safety of workers exposed to harmful airborne bioaerosols – legal status and innovations
    Pages: 159-168

    Katarzyna Majchrzycka, Małgorzata Okrasa, Justyna Szulc, Beata Gutarowska

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