Biotechnology and Food Science

Volume 77 Number 1

ISSN 2084-0136 print version (original version)

ISSN 2299-6818 online version

  • Contamination of breakfast cereal products by fungi and mycotoxins – a potential risk for consumer’s health
    Pages: 3-10

    Małgorzata Piotrowska

  • Effect of nitrogen sources on fermentation process and formation of hydrogen sulfide and ethyl carbamate by wine yeast
    Pages: 11-23

    Agnieszka Nowak, Magdalena Koch-Wilk, Eugeniusz Pogorzelski, Agata Czyżowska

  • Experimental and theoretical investigation of drotaverine binding to bovine serum albumin
    Pages: 25-36

    Krystian Gałęcki, Gastón Courtade, Aisling McFall, Renata Prieschl Teixeira, Maja Grgic, Marta Esteve-Sisteré, Rikke Maglemose Westphalen, Agnieszka Kowalska-Baron

  • Ozonation – an alternative decontamination method for raw plant materials
    Pages: 37-43

    Agnieszka J. Brodowska, Krzysztof Śmigielski

  • Naringenin complexes with copper ions: potentiometric studies
    Pages: 45-53

    Katarzyna Brodowska

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